Air ConditioningThere is absolutely no such thing as cold. 

Nonsense, of course it’s cold – Autumn is here, we have the need for more layers and coats are creeping out of the cupboards. But, in the world of science and all that is scientific – cold is actually not cold, it is just less warm.

Alert – short science lesson time – The temperature of an object is the measure of the heat that it contains. More energy means a higher temperature, less energy therefore means a lower temperature. When heat is added or taken away it causes changes to the physical properties of objects (cakes in the oven, tip of your tongue…).

Cold therefore does not exist – There is no such thing as cold. 

Confused?! – If you touch ice with your bare hand, the sensation – though we say it is ‘cold’ but in actual fact it is the lack of heat and kinetic energy and fast moving atoms because the ice has little heat compared to your body – the feeling that you compute in your brain is that heat is leaving your body to the surfaces or environment around you – detected by your body as ‘cold’ but is literally the pure lack of heat!

Air Conditioning Therefore, the next time you hear someone say, “I’m so cold”  remember today’s science lesson and correct them – heat is measurable but cold isn’t, therefore you are experiencing a lack of heat!

With REMS we can offer the services of portable units that both heat and cool small spaces for minimal cost because in effect, the ‘cold’ air is just warmed up air – Contact REMs today to hire your unit for a minimal hire cost and an even lower running cost.

Fact – It’s far cheaper to run a portable Air Conditioning unit as a ‘heater’ than it is to run a portable electric bar heater and household radiators for that matter too.