Keeping Our Clients and Our Engineers Safe in the Face of COVID-19

By June 4, 2020business, employee, REMS

Lots of our clients have been asking us about the measures that we are taking to keep our clients and our team safe during this period of uncertainty surrounding COVID-19.

REMS was one of the businesses that continued to work under the recent lockdown restrictions, as we were deemed a critical service provider in the support of key workers; so putting measures into place to keep everyone safe was a priority for us.

Each project starts with a full risk assessment, and we of course work with clients to understand their risk assessment processes to make sure we are aligned. Each REMS engineer is required to complete our daily COVID monitoring forms (see picture). We are fortunate not to have had anyone showing any symptoms, but if that were to happen, the Engineer would be required to self-isolate for 14 days afterwards.

Lots of our current projects are in empty buildings where there are no workers to take into consideration; but if we do have to work around people, then this is done with full adherence of social distancing measures. We may cordon off a work area and complete this before moving into the next area, and of course respecting the 2m distancing at all times.

All of our engineers are supplied with disposable overalls, masks and gloves for each project, and all of our fleet vehicles carries hand sanitiser and anti-bacterial wipes.

Recently, we have seen an increase in clients requiring work on their air conditioning. We have been completing a major service on these systems, deep cleaning and disinfecting them in readiness for people returning to the workplace.

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